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How to use smart stop technology in Toyota vehicle?

What is Toyota Smart Stop technology

All Toyota vehicles come with a wide variety of safety features designed to improve the driving experience and make the ride safer. One of these features is the smart stop technology. So, what exactly is the smart stop technology? How to use smart stop technology in Toyota vehicles? Read this blog by Briggs Toyota to learn everything you need to know about this technology. After reading this blog you can check out our new Toyota inventory here at Briggs Toyota in Fort Scott, KS!

What does Toyota Smart Stop Technology do?

The Toyota smart stop technology brings your Toyota vehicle to a halt if unintended acceleration is detected by the sensors. If both the gas and brake pedal are pressed, it will stop the engine and help reduce the chances of an accident happening. When a driver mistakenly presses the gas while attempting to brake, it is called as “pedal error”. This accounts for around 16,000 traffic accidents per year and this technology can help prevent these.

How does Toyota Smart Stop Technology work?

2022 Toyota Sequoia interiors start stop button

Under certain condition, the smart stop technology system automatically reduces the engine power to help stop the car. This system works automatically at the speed levels above 5 miles per hour and it activates when the driver presses the accelerator and brake pedals simultaneously. For this technology to work, the accelerator has to be already open more than one third of the way and the brakes should be applied at the same time. The feature works by utilizing throttle-by-wire technology to reduce engine power through the vehicle’s computer.

This system incorporates smart logic control; hence the system will not engage if not needed. For example, the system will not engage if the brake pedal is depressed before the accelerator pedal. This allows the drive to depress both pedals simultaneously when starting up a steep hill road. In the event that a gas or brake pedal becomes jammed, this system will automatically activate.

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